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What you need to know about carpet purchase Dortmund

Do you have an oriental rug or another high-quality rug that you would like to sell? Then it is particularly important that you turn to the carpet purchase professionals in Dortmundtrust. Because only here you can be sure that you will receive a fair offer for your piece of jewelry. However, this is only the case provided that it is actually a high-quality specimen. Because unfortunately it also happens again and again that customers are certain that the carpet is valuable because of the oriental patterns on their carpet. This is not the case per se. In other cases, a simple carpet model is assumed, which ultimately turns out to be a hand-knotted piece of jewelry. In short: technical expertise is everything!

Because when you are dealing with the carpet purchase professionals in Dortmund , you can be sure of fair prices and transparent offers. With our carpet experts you will meet exactly why we offer you extensive customer service paired with uncomplicated services and years of technical expertise. Simply contact us via one of the numerous channels that we provide for you to contact. The easiest way to do this is to transfer all data via WhatsApp. We can also be reached by email or easily using our contact form. Just send us photos of your carpet and some data, if necessary. We look forward to you!

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Uncomplicated, serious, simple:

What makes our carpet purchase in Dortmund so special? Basically we don’t offer you any specialties or special pages. It is only the high-quality technical expertise and the customer-oriented processes that make buying carpets from us so advantageous. That is why you can sell your carpet to our experts in a very simple and uncomplicated manner, without having to invest a lot of effort or time.

Contact always comes first. Here you simply orientate yourself on the various options that we make available to you. At this point, we always recommend our customers to provide as much information as possible about the carpet price. This includes, for example, various data in the form of a profile or, at best, photos. The latter definitely don’t have to be professional. At the same time, however, you are helping us to offer you a transparent and fair initial assessment. However, this is not fixed and in no way represents the final purchase price. Instead, it serves you and us only as an initial determination. If you are satisfied with the evaluation, it can come to the actual viewing appointment. At the same time, we always recommend our customers

At the viewing appointment in Dortmund, your carpet will now be checked for all details. In the end, this creates a concrete offer for the textile, which you are now free to accept. In the name of customer service, there are always non-binding offers, which should make your decision easier. Are you satisfied with the price our employees offer you? Then just have your carpet picked up and you will receive the money from the carpet experts in cash or by transfer to your bank.

Buying carpets in Dortmund from A to Z: We buy them all

Oriental carpets, Persian carpets, antique carpets, carpets in need of repair – we buy them all! Because as passionate experts in everything to do with buying carpets, we are always there for you. We do not specialize exclusively in oriental carpets, but also in other high-quality models from other regions. However, the focus is still on the particularity, the uniqueness and the materials. At the same time, we buy carpets in all their condition, but damage, stains and the like naturally reduce the value of your model. In the end, however, it is always worthwhile to simply send us your carpet as a photo in order to receive an approximate rating. So do not be put off by the need for repairs, just contact us.

Are you looking for a reliable place to buy carpets in Mannheim ? We are at your side with over 20 years of technical expertise and take care of your concerns!