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Buying carpets in Düsseldorf: everything you need to know

When it comes to buying carpets in Düsseldorf, it’s time for real experts in this field. Because there are many reasons why you want to sell your Persian carpet. Bad taste, unused heirloom, too big, unused – sometimes even the most beautiful oriental rug doesn’t fit into the interior. At this point, however, you should not simply put it down and let it rot in the attic, in the garage or in the storage room. This would be far too harmful for a real oriental rug with an original design. Instead, selling your carpet will pay off. At best, you can trust the carpet purchase Düsseldorf. Because only professionals can actually guarantee security.


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What should you watch out for when buying a carpet in Düsseldorf?

If you decide to sell your carpet, there are usually many options available to you. So the questions are which one is most profitable and where your carpet is in good hands. Basically, every carpet purchase can end well. However, it is advisable that you stick to experts in the field. In the area of ​​private sales, for example via sales exchanges or flea markets, it is possible that the price is too low. Above all, if you have an idea of ​​the exact value of your model yourself, this approach is not advisable. So there are two scenarios. It is possible that your carpet is being bought well below its actual value or you are attaching a supposedly hand-knotted unique item to the buyer, which is, however, mass-produced.

On the other hand, it can of course be profitable if you sell your carpet to them right away. Because the professional will take a close look at your copy and determine a value taking into account several properties. An offer is then made based on these values. The experts usually do this free of charge and without obligation. So you have the opportunity to heed his expertise in the field of valuation and then sell the carpet privately. But you can also leave it directly with the carpet purchase professionals in Düsseldorf. In short, honesty and choosing the right buyer are important when selling carpets. This is the only way to benefit both parties and you will not be cheated or unintentionally cheated.

What makes a valuable carpet?

Of course, a professional carpet buying agency will not buy every type of carpet. Only real Persian carpets, oriental carpets, silk carpets or antique models are accepted. The model must therefore be original. You are therefore in the wrong place with mass-produced carpets and models made of polyester and co. You can still sell the carpet online as a second-hand product – of course only as a simple home textile!

In the case of professional carpet purchase hamburg , various properties that make up the high-quality carpet are discussed. So the model must be hand-knotted or at least have some other unique value. This is the case, for example, with silk carpets or models with historical significance. The expert therefore focuses on a few indicators that make a valuable carpet. These include:

  • the manufacturing method
  • the material
  • the state

A lot of work goes into hand-knotted carpets, which of course makes the models something special. Machine-made products cannot compete here. At the same time, the material says a lot about the value of the carpet. Silk is a high-quality and value-increasing component par excellence. At the same time, real oriental carpets are usually made of other natural materials, such as cotton or sheep’s wool. The size and scope of the carpet also distinguish its value. A large model for the salon is of course more expensive than a small bed rug. However, the condition says just as much about the level of supply. In doing so, however, the advantage of the expert turns out again. Because private buyers usually only accept models in good condition. However, the professional buys models of all kinds, thus also carpets in need of repair. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to always maintain your oriental rug properly and to use it carefully.

If you are looking for the right professional for buying carpets in Düsseldorf, you will find exactly this in us. With 20 years of technical expertise, we are at your side and look forward to your inquiry!