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Buying carpets in Mannheim: everything you need to know

A beautiful carpet lifts the whole mood, transforms simple rooms into a palace and often hides a long history and high monetary value. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to want to sell the old oriental rug. Perhaps it no longer fits into the furnishings or you feel too good to rot in the storage room. In other cases, there is a real treasure hiding behind the model and you might want to fill the holiday budget. Regardless of the reason for your carpet sale, you need the right place to buy carpets now. This is where we come from the carpet experts, because we have been at our customers’ side for over 20 years when it comes to buying carpets in Mannheim .

teppich ankauf mannheim bei teppich-expert.de
teppich ankauf mannheim bei teppich-expert.de

This must be taken into account when buying carpets in Mannheim

Note that not all carpets are created equal. When it comes to buying carpets in Mannheim , high-quality, hand-made oriental or Persian carpets are usually meant. Other valuable textiles such as antique carpets can also be included. For the sale of industrially manufactured modern models, for example made of polyester, you prefer to trust the flea market and second-hand goods markets.

On the other hand, the consultation with the carpet expert is all the more important when it comes to a unique Persian carpet. Because only professionals will be able to determine and calculate its actual value. The focus is much more on the condition, the production and also on the materials used. A layman, on the other hand, may charge a price that is far too low and does not appreciate high-quality production and materials.

Ultimately, one point is even more important before buying a carpet: the right care! Because even if you don’t use your model, careful and professional cleaning pays off. If you would like to sell the carpet one day, the condition weighs a lot in the valuation.

This is how the Mannheim carpet purchase works

The sale of carpets is long delayed. Because even if you want to sell the textile quickly, everyday life goes on. You therefore do not necessarily have the time and energy to transport your old carpet through the city to the next professional. For this reason, we designed the carpet purchase Mannheim with our customers in mind! You can easily integrate the entire process into your everyday life and thus make uncomplicated money out of your old carpet.

  • 1. Contact us via WhatsApp, email or contact form. We ask you to send photos of your carpet directly as an attachment.
  • 2. Our professionals at Carpet Experts examine the images from a distance. There is no concrete offer, but we will give you approximate values ​​for your model.
  • 3. Do you agree with our temporary evaluation? Then make an appointment for a detailed inspection with us.
  • 4. Now we will examine your carpet carefully and determine its value.
  • 5. Do you like our offer? Then you simply get the price in cash or by bank transfer and we carry out the carpet purchase in Mannheim .

These factors determine the value of your carpet

When assessing the carpet purchase in COLOGNE , the focus is on three factors in particular:

  • Manufacturing
  • Status
  • material

In this sense, valuable oriental carpets are hand-knotted, for example. At the same time, good preservation of the model can add value. On the other hand, you cannot ask so much for devastated carpets, despite high-quality materials. These materials include, for example, silk, cotton and sheep’s wool. Our experts are careful to research all components in detail and give the assessment as appropriate. In the end, we buy all kinds of models from carpet experts, regardless of their condition.

Looking for a carpet purchase in Mannheim? Found!

You have now come across us while looking for a carpet purchase in Mannheim . We offer you the nationwide purchase from experts. Simply contact us through one of our numerous channels and sell your carpet