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Carpet purchase Cologne: everything from A to Z

If you want to sell your oriental carpet, you should trust the experts in this area without exception. Because only when you deal with the professionals from carpet purchase in Cologne , you can be sure of uncomplicated implementation, a high level of customer service and a fair amount for your carpet. We have therefore always specialized in high-quality and unique carpet models, which are specially inspected, appraised and ultimately evaluated by our professionals. In order to sell your old oriental carpet, Persian carpet or antique carpet from other regions of the world for a fair price, simply contact us by email, WhatsApp or the contact form.

A little tip from the professional : It is best if you give us as much information as possible when you contact us for the first time. This applies, for example, to the individual details about the model, if you know them. Send us a kind of profile with information on the material, size, age, condition and other special features. We also ask you to send a few photos of the carpets for sale. All of this helps us to give you an initial and most accurate assessment.

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This is how the carpet purchase in Cologne works

Once you have decided on our carpet experts in Cologne and, ideally, have already made the first contact, selling carpets becomes child’s play. Because based on the information you have provided, our professionals can already get an initial picture of your carpet. This is how they are processed and we will send you an approximate rating. If this is entirely in your interest, you will then have to visit again. However, we recommend our customers not to let the first evaluation be decisive for a decision. Because we have two decades of experience in the field of carpet purchase. In this sense, you can be sure of fair prices with us, which can therefore be completely different in the final evaluation. You can therefore rely on our further technical expertise even if you have any concerns about the price.

After the actual viewing appointment, our offer is fixed. We have examined your carpet down to the last detail and also analyzed its manufacture, condition and material. Now we will give you the actual price for the oriental carpet. Have you accepted this? Then your carpet is now considered sold. It will only be accepted from you in Cologne, while you can choose to receive the money directly in cash or by transfer to your bank account.

What defines the value of your carpet?

Can such big differences really arise when buying carpets in Cologne ? Definitely! Because on the one hand there is a differentiation between different carpets. Not every carpet has the same subtleties and details that increase its value. On the other hand, there are also differences among buyers. For example, if you are dealing with a layperson who wants to buy your model because of its aesthetics, you may be offered low prices. The same applies to people who are not competent in this area. So while we can already offer you security thanks to many years of technical expertise, the price for your oriental carpet is determined by other factors.

When it comes to evaluating your carpet, there are three concrete points:

  • Manufacturing
  • material
  • Status

in focus. You determine the ultimate value of your model. A high-quality carpet has always been woven by hand for months. At the same time, various materials, such as silk, can also increase the value. And the condition is also decisive. After all, a well-preserved antique carpet is more valuable than a broken one-off.

Carpet purchase Cologne for everyone

When it comes to carpets, we are there. That is why we also buy all kinds of carpets from A to Z. This applies, for example, to oriental carpets or Persian carpets. We also buy antique models in all their facets. In addition, we do not differentiate between the condition and instead buy models in need of repair and in perfect condition.