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Good question: where can I sell carpets?

Good question: where can I sell carpets? There are different ways to sell your used carpet at a fair price. To ensure that this is the case, it is advantageous to contact a place where you buy carpets. People who perform this service are very familiar with carpets and pay a fair price for it.
The prerequisite for this is that you are dealing with a serious and reliable contact person.
Of course, it is also possible to sell your carpet elsewhere or on your own. There are various so-called carpet markets on the Internet where it is possible to sell your heirloom (Persian carpet).
Also possible the carpetto sell on commission. Possible in so-called second-hand shops or other service providers who take the carpet on commission. Once the carpet has been sold, you will receive a commission for your handling costs.
The old oriental carpet can also be sold via online portals. For this it is necessary to register on the portal and offer your carpet there at a fixed price or on a negotiated basis. It is advantageous to enter a photo of the carpet from which the condition of the carpet to be sold can be easily recognized. Also very useful is an accurate and detailed description of the property. Above all, the exact dimensions and the number of nodes should be specified. To be found on a label on the back of the goods.
A sale at the flea market is also possible, but not very promising in terms of a fair price. At the flea market there are mostly people on the lookout for cheap and inexpensive items.

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Sale at auction

You can also sell your carpet at auctions. This method is quickest and easiest to use on the Internet. Simply register, a detailed description and one or more suitable photos are sufficient for this.
The seller determines the minimum bid and how long the auction will take place. It is also possible to select the method – buy now. Interested shareholders have the opportunity to buy the carpet immediately. Since a fixed price has to be paid when buying it immediately, this must also be reimbursed. This is the quickest and easiest way to sell the carpet.

Selling to an antique dealer

A direct sale at the antique dealer is another and also popular way to sell the carpet. Serious antique dealers are mostly experts in carpets and their value. If the carpets are in good condition and well-cared for, it is also possible to achieve a fair price there. Before the final sale, it makes perfect sense to offer your carpet to several antique dealers. It is not uncommon for there to be considerable price differences which the various dealers offer. Although this approach seems impractical and time-consuming, it can be very helpful and help to get a good price for your valuable item.

If it is a valuable piece of carpet, we recommend selling it through an expert.

Procedure for selling oriental carpets by buying carpets

If the carpet has to be sold because of a move, it is advisable to bring it to a specialist. To do this, you need to register in advance and make an appointment with the carpeting shop.
When it comes to valuable carpets, the most important question is: what price can I ask for it?
Buying or selling carpets is a matter of trust and should only be carried out with serious and reliable experts in this field. If you want to sell old heirlooms or old oriental carpets you have bought yourself at a fair price on the market or on an online portal, you should find out about the value of these goods. The world of oriental carpets means colors, patterns, techniques and unknown names. A rather inscrutable thicket and information about it is anything but easy. A so-called guide on the Internet can help to orientate yourself regarding the price. This guide to carpets contains important basic information about carpets and helps with valuable tips when it comes to selling carpets.
Nevertheless, many of those affected who want to sell their carpets are at risk of being cheated on the price.
It therefore makes sense to turn to an expert when selling carpets.

Important points to watch for on the question: Where can I sell carpets?

A real treasure can be hidden behind every carpet. It is therefore advisable to always rely on professionals when selling. Because only with enough experience can you have a feel for the value of a carpet. Only people who have this sensitivity also have the necessary know-how to recognize the material, the craftsmanship and other important details on the Persian carpet. If you want to sell your carpet to a layperson, nasty surprises can quickly arise. These often offer inappropriate prices, regardless of whether it is a valuable model. Serious professionals on the Internet, on the other hand, offer an approximate price assessment from a distance based on photos and a precise description.
If, on the other hand, there is a carpet expert on site, he or she can also find out the value of the carpet on site.

Not all carpets are the same

Most inexperienced people who want to sell an oriental rug assume that it is valuable. In fact, one can rightly claim that not every model of Persian carpet is of high value.
On the contrary, it can also happen that the owner sees the carpet as inferior and offers it at a low price. This misunderstanding is impossible with experts and you can get a high offer when selling.
The only question that arises is: How does the professional find out what value the carpet on offer has?
Those familiar with this branch usually recognize the value of a high-quality carpet straight away. Therefore, when selling on the Internet, the first assessment is made from a distance. For this it is necessary to send a picture or several pictures to the professional. With this procedure, nothing stands in the way of a preliminary assessment of the carpet. This determines whether the product is valuable or not.

Age and classifications in this regard

It is not uncommon for one to wonder about the age of carpets. Often one speaks of antique carpets, although they do not come from antiquity. Another time you hear again that a carpet is very old and therefore very valuable.
Antique carpets can only be called antique if they are more than 100 years old. One speaks of old carpets when they are between 25-50 years old.
Semi-antique carpets are between 50 and 100 years old, used and new carpets are less than 25 years old.
However, dates and age are by no means a guarantee for the stated age. Often there are age information that seem downright unreal and give rise to justified doubts. Such information usually does not have the function of documentation, but rather serves as an ornament.
In 1990 a carpet that was more than 100 years old was still antique, nowadays this is hardly the case. If one speaks today of a 100 year old model, one speaks of a time when the world of carpets was changed considerably by modern techniques.
Therefore, the question arises again and again: which identifying features give precise information about the age of a carpet?
There are certain criteria by which you can tell the age of a carpet, these are the colors, the format, the wool and the connection. It would take a long time to explain these details, however, and would drag out the sale of the carpet.

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antiker tabriz teppich. wo kann ich teppiche verkaufen. Teppich-expert.de

Conclusion: There are numerous ways to sell your valuable carpet. The chances of success at a fair price vary, which is why there are not infrequently unpleasant surprises. Newcomers in particular run the risk of receiving an unreasonable price for a valuable carpet. Time and patience are needed here, as the saying goes: strength and success lie in calm.
For this reason, as with other valuable items, an expert should always be consulted. This applies above all to the sale of Persian carpets. When it comes to the questions of what are these carpets worth, only reputable dealers usually give honest answers. Serious experts in this field always value their determination and a fair price. The evaluation of such carpets is usually free there. After all, every valuable or hand-knotted carpet is unique and therefore it is very important to determine the value of the various carpets individually. For online retailers in this industry, clear photos and a clear description of these items are necessary. In this case it is advisable to rely on professional help. Better to spend more time
Serious businesspeople in the field do not guess or immediately offer a below-value price. A free and reliable evaluation of the carpet is given here. Proven evaluation techniques provide the best information about the value of the carpet. Experienced employees in this industry carry out these tasks using proven methods. As a rule, honest and detailed reviews of the condition and value of the item are given.

where can i sell carpets?

In summary, it can be said that a carpet sale of a used carpet will only be successful with the help of an expert. Only serious and reliable dealers in carpet sales and SERIOUS carpet purchase are competent contacts in this area.
If you need money quickly, you should bring your carpet to the pawn shop, where it can be redeemed later for a payment of interest. Still the better alternative than selling your oriental carpet at a great loss. If you sell your Persian carpet calmly and with the help of an expert, you can expect to get a result with a good price-performance ratio.
Better to take your time and ultimately get the price that corresponds to the value of the carpet.

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